Injured On The Job? Fight Back

The Representation You Deserve After A Work Injury

You worked hard for your employer, but when you got hurt on the job, they were not there for you the way they should have been. Unfortunately, Georgia employers and their workers’ comp insurance providers don’t always treat claims fairly. The good news is, you can fight back — with help from a caring and determined attorney.

At Luanne Bryant Smith, PC, I serve the working people of Valdosta after they are wrongly denied workers’ compensation or presented with an unfairly small settlement offer. I know you need the financial assistance workers’ comp provides when you are too hurt or sick to work. I draw on my years of experience and compassion for injured workers and their families to reach the highest possible benefits so you can focus on getting better without worrying about how to pay for medical and rehabilitation bills.

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Most employers in Georgia have a legal obligation to pay out on valid workers’ comp claims after one of their employees suffers an injury arising out of their work duties. But many businesses and insurance companies look for ways to avoid this duty. If your employer claimed your injuries were not work-related or pre-existing, that you missed a key filing deadline or are faking your symptoms, I know how to use your medical records and other evidence to show that your disability is work-related and serious.

Effective Personal Injury Attorney

I also handle personal injury claims. A motor vehicle accident, dog bite or slip-and-fall incident can cause significant bodily harm, affecting your ability to work, live independently and care for your family. I will help you seek maximum compensation for your lost wages, doctor’s bills, pain and suffering and more.

Don’t Give Up On Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

I understand how frustrating and scary it can be to be turned down for your rightful workers’ comp benefits. To find out what your options are, contact Luanne Bryant Smith, PC, to schedule a consultation. Call my Valdosta office at 229-808-8075.